Poveglia The Island of Death where 160,000 are buried right off the coast of Venice

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Poveglia is a tiny island in between Venice and Lido that dates back in history to 421.  According to records it was populated until approximately 1379 and then in 1776 was home to many of those suffered what is known as the Black Plague. Active throughout the time period of the black death it is said to host the remains of over 160,000 bodies buried throughout the island.

While the exact number of deaths from the black plague is not entirely known, what we do know for certain is that between 1793 and 1814 the island was a quarantine zone for the black death. Which meant that anyone coming into venice by ship would have had to stop here first and possibly never leave the island of death.

In 1922 the island inhabited its own insane asylum and later become a nursing home until it was finally closed in 1968.


On the island the remains of a Cavana, a church, a hospital, an asylum, a bell tower, and housing and administrative staff can all still be found.  But other than a clump of abandoned old buildings left to ruin you may not find much else.

While the bell tower stands as a land mark of the island itself there are a few stories and rumors surrounding it.  It is said that while Poveglia was being used as an asylum a mad doctor who was said to be corrupt and otherwise known as the butcher of Poveglia who tortured his patients eventually went mad with guilt and jumped from the tower to his death.  Or maybe pushed off.  Although this seems to be more so folk lore without anything concrete to back it up.

The Lazaaretto vecchio was the original building used near the island of Poveglia as the main hub where travellers coming into venice would stop and be held for sanitation.  It first opened in 1403 near the island of poveglia.  Here many people waited for fourty days before given a clean bill of health.  Many never made the full forty days and were burried in unmarked graves throughout the island of poveglia and surrounding locations.  

Venice due to its strict laws of sanitation was very lucky that due to its ability of sanitizing those coming in.  It was more of a “it could have been worse situation”.

Venice had been plagued throughout history well over 20 times and lost approximately 50,000 souls on the mainlaind.  The eerie thing about that number is that is the current population of venice.  Which is why it only made sense to open their own sanitation operation.  Throughout the many times Venice had to endure the plague it was impossible to place all the bodies throughout so it is plausible that that they did in fact use the island to bury their dead.  

Now lets talk a bit more about the asylum built on the island in 1922.  It’s as if the government made have tried to expunge the details of this place from history.  However. People who have explored the island and tried to figure out it’s history said that yes the asylum definitely existed.  Why? Because the sign is there.  


Along with fact that there is a tiny little chapel built on the island which would only suggest that the people who inhabited the island were not allowed to leave.  

There have been attempts made at restoring the island and its buildings most recently a bid placed to purchase the island by a man who wanted to build an extravagant hotel and use it for tourism.  But unfortunately all those plans have fallen apart as the buildings do over time.

With all its grotesque history you would imagine this has to be the most haunted place in the world.  And I imagine spending a night on this abandoned island knowing that 50% of the soil throughout the island is likely made up of bones of the deceased would creep just about anyone out.

So the question is at this point is the island of Poveglia haunted?

In 2016, five people from Colorado were rescued by Italian firefighters after they decided to spend the night on the famous haunted island of Poveglia, the location of the upcoming movie The Plague Doctor. They reached the island through a water taxi and decided to stay for the night, but as soon the darkness took over a presence started to haunt them, making them scream for help. A sailboat in the area overheard them and called the Italian authorities that came to their rescue

Visitors to Poveglia have been forbidden for decades. Of course, that doesn’t stop the occasional thrill seeker from taking a boat over to the island. Some look at it as a dare; others are genuinely interested in experiencing a bit of the paranormal. However, all who venture there return shaken. One thing visitors report experiencing is the sensation of being watched. Others report being scratched and pushed by invisible forces.


Some entities have even been said to push visitors into walls or chase them down corridors.

And the handful of psychics who have been brought to the island claim that there is an energy that can only be described as malignant – with the presence of the angry spirits lingering there so deeply frightening psychics and paranormal experts that most of them refuse to ever return.

Claims have been made that on very quiet nights if you listen closely you can sometimes hear the ghost of the mad doctor ringing the bell.

Lastly, lets talk about actually getting to possibly the most haunted island on earth.  Well technically speaking it isn’t exactly legal.  There is a lengthy process of applying to go to Poveglia however you may get lucky enough just like exploring with Josh and Yes Theory in finding someone brave enough for a couple hundred euros tok take you over there.  But try not stay too long or you may get trapped on the island.  Would I go?  Hell ya im totally ready to get a little freaked out.  I would definitely have to do a night time adventure here that is a given.  And one day I definitely will just check out my other channel exploring with Angelo subscribe there as well as here to follow that eventual adventure.