FuckJerry Jerry Media has been outed for stealing content

How FuckJerry Steals and Profits from other people’s content

Over the years it has been a growing situation where one company has been stealing and using content of other creators while getting paid large amounts of money and not even giving said creators any sort of credit for their work.

And people are absolutely pissed about it.

FuckJerry is a massive meme Instagram account with over 14 million followers. They re-post memes without people’s permission or any monetary compensation.

Finally a lot of backlash has finally come around and people are outing FuckJerry.

What’s funny is the trending hashtag being used #fuckfuckjerry which if this gets any worse may turn into #fuckfuckfuckjerry haha

The good news is the expose is working and other companies are taking action against Fuckjerry.

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