Amazon Current Seller Support Number 2019

Since Amazon Pretends like they don’t have phone seller support anymore here it is

Here is the number they use currently for seller support at Amazon:


It seems to be a thing now for Amazon to really not want to offer any sort of customer service to their “valued” sellers. Which i think is strange.

This number is their head quarters you can speak with reception and ask to be put through to seller support.

Still there does not exist any phone support with the seller performance team although I have made a request they call me back and given them specific time frames to do so.

So we will see where that goes.
In Case you need to communicate with Amazon’s legal Department you can speak with them here:

Legal Dept.

P.O Box 81226

Seattle, Washington, USA

Fax 206-266-7010

In case you ever need to sue them or whatever.

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